What Makes Crystal Cruises Fab?

This Fall, Fab at Incentives was invited to attend an industry meeting which was graciously hosted by Crystal Cruises for seven days. A little over 100 suppliers and buyers of sales incentive programs were in attendance to check out the Crystal Symphony, and really experience their famous 5-star treatment and sample the amazing multi-million-dollar evolution of Crystal luxury featuring spacious new suites and penthouses. We quickly found out the reason Crystal is rated #1 as the Best Luxury Cruise Line by U.S. News and World Report.

Fab service! The minute we entered the ship, we were treated like royalty, our every whim catered to. The wait staff, the room staff went above and beyond trying to please. For example, one evening we decided to try out their Brazilian Churrasco style buffet. The wait staff were right at our table tempting us with their savory sliced meats practically when our forks rested on the plate. As we greedily filled ourselves to the brim with all these goodies, my husband asked if there was any ice cream to go with the churros. The waiter replied that the fine dining restaurant (which was on another floor) had ice cream, and he would be glad to get it for him. My husband, realizing his greed said this was not necessary and would be happy to suffer (LOL) and eat the churro with just the Dulce de Leche sauce. Within minutes the waiter appeared with ice cream, which he retrieved from the other restaurant. We really felt guilty even asking, because he was so eager to please!

Fab food! Needless to say, from our experience at the great Brazilian Churrasco style buffet, we knew the specialty restaurants on board would be fantastic. Boy were we right! We tried the Italian restaurant called Prego first. I had hands down the best lasagna I have ever eaten in my entire life…and that’s saying something!! Trust me, I’ve eaten a LOT of lasagna! A few nights later, we were treated to the Japanese restaurant called Umi Uma & Sushi Bar. This restaurant serves the fabulously inspired cuisine of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Our wonderful host from Crystal Cruise’s sales office, had no idea that we didn’t like sushi. We accepted her invitation, thinking we would enjoy her company but not enjoy the food. Once again, we were WAY wrong!! I LOVED the food and am now convinced that I like sushi, as well as our fab hostess!

Fab entertainment! My husband and I love going to the entertainment on cruise ships. Many of the big cruise lines we’ve been on offer entire Broadway shows, which are wonderful. Crystal Symphony isn’t one of those 150,000 GRT mega ships, so it provides a more intimate experience. Instead, we sat 3 rows back from center stage and watched the lovely Broadway star, Rachel York perform and sing. After the show, she stood graciously outside the theater and welcomed the entire audience to see her and ask questions. This was such a rare treat. I felt like I was talking to a friendly neighbor, not this beautiful star.

Fab summary! Go if you can. Bring your sales incentive program to a Crystal Cruise, Crystal River Cruise, or coming in 2020 the Crystal Endeavor – the world’s first purpose-built polar code compliant luxury yacht. Imagine the best sushi and service while you explore Antarctica! Oh, and lest I forget, the best lasagna as well! Your sales incentive program participants will outperform themselves every year to get to experience these ships!!

Lisa Siewert, Biz Dev Guru

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