ROI Boosting Support Services

Communications That Inspire

With 25+ years of experience launching incentive programs through teasers, kickoff announcements, monthly promotions, custom incentive websites, videos, HTML5 image pieces or through texts, we been involved in numerous successful programs. In fact, much of our communications experience has been acknowledged by our peers as award winning. At the end of your promotion, our communications team will have you doing sunset cartwheels. Now that is truly fabulous! We can't guarantee you will do a sunset cartwheel, but we can guarantee we will be a partner that will give 100% to earn your trust for all of your creative needs.

Bring Clarity to Your ROI and Audience's Emotions

We can assist you with assessing your program's audience to understand emotionally why they do what they do. Simply put, we can provide a PhD proven assessment that will delve deep into the disappointment gap between your audience's ideal experience and their current experience. Once you know the ideal, we will craft a solution to boost your program's ROI. Speaking of ROI, we have a Certified ROI Professional ready to accurately analyze what your program's real ROI is. Make your CF-No! become a CF-Yes! Prove to your CFO once and for all that incentives are one of the best business solutions out there! Pictured left to right, Scott Siewert and Dr. Jack J. Phillips from ROI Institute, Inc.

Apps Are Us

Embrace incentive mobile app technology and it will embrace your participants. They will wonder why it took you years to bring to them what they have yearned for. It's 2023 and time for Gen Z and Millennials to further push the envelope to be 100% mobile friendly. We have multiple solutions that will allow for your participants to register online, check their agenda online, redeem for their awards online and even take a photo to share within your private incentive group. Can you say Picture This! We can and we will help you get your mobile strategy right!

Business Theatre

We were into staging before the term Business Theatre (British spelling of Theater) came about. We would love to brainstorm with you as to how best you can illuminate your audience with all of the wisdom that you want to bestow upon them. Whether it is a new product or management training we have been involved with it all. We have hired speakers ranging from pop stars to presidential contenders to playoff win-makers. We would welcome the challenge to raise the bar for your next full scale event extravaganza!

Responsive Websites

In today's world of incentives, your program's website is your lifeline. It is your program to most of your audience. Who actually uses snail mail to send incentive information anymore. Not too many companies. It is too expensive and manual. Turn the power of the Internet into your friend with our responsive websites that work well on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac or your Android device and PC! We are adept at adapting technology to the right sized device you desire to use 24/7/365.

Promotional Products

Involving Promotional Products in your incentive program or event is a no-brainer. Promotional products rule the crazed material world we live in. It is amazing how much audiences will do, how far audiences will walk, or how high audiences will jump for your logo'd item. It could be a Power Bank, t-shirt, LED flashlight or a logo'd iPhone accessory. Buy the logo'd item, and they will come! Come one come all, let us show you our world of creative promotional products that are not just Me 2. We think in terms of Me 2 Squared!