Unique Events for Sales Incentives – 18 Years Ago Today – Total Solar Eclipse in Salzburg, Austria – 8/11/99

Seeing a Total Solar Eclipse was the highlight from an August, 1999 European trip. The ultimate event during this European odyssey was witnessing the last Total Solar Eclipse of the last millennium. What a WOW! Everyone that was on the trip was in a state of complete bliss after seeing this unique event first hand. Fab at Incentives would encourage all our friends to join in on the fabulous opportunity to see first hand a Total Solar Eclipse in 10 days. On August 21, 2017 a very rare Total Solar Eclipse will pass through 14 United States. Be there. Be on the path of totality! After you see your first Total Solar Eclipse, you will want to see another. Call us to arrange your next trip. Pray for sunny skies – at least until the moon covers the sun! Here are our very own pictures from the August 11, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse. The Diamond Ring Effect is our favorite moment!

Just before totality

The diamond ring effect
Red prominences are the size of earth!
Totality over Austria – Fabulous!

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