Teamwork Produces Sales Incentive Program Results

Teamwork was and is the key to success with sales incentive program design and results. Teamwork brought success to the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago today! Congrats!

When designing a Sales Incentive Program be careful to align your program rules to the fact that teamwork can amplify the results. Teams are more powerful than individuals. Consider grouping participants into a team and then stack rank all of the groups to see which group is working at the highest level. Perhaps individuals who are in that group earn an extra “Saturn V Power Booster” to their individual goals. One of my SITE Crystal Award winning programs was developed where Teamwork Was The Key – basically, the groups of individuals could not earn a group incentive travel award IF they did not work together as a team. The program produced the positive sales results we were looking for! Here’s to including teamwork as a component to your rules structure in your sales incentive program.

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